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The Case for Buprenorphine and MAT

Often in the rooms and early in recovery, you'll hear people bash MAT or some type of maintenance program. I am NOT one of those people and saw the flip side of the coin. I am someone that utilized a maintenance program and experienced tremendous success. I was able to eventually get my own place, 3 stories with hardwood floors, land a great job, have an intimate relationship with a beautiful girl and even write a book. There is a trick to regularly taking a powerful medication like buprenorphine, and still having a productive life. here are 3 simple things you MUST incorporate into your life if you choose the route of maintenance.

1) Make attending meetings a priority over everything else. Not only will you find a spiritual solution here, you will also make friends that become family, build a foundation and network with all types of people. At first meetings may seem tedious or boring, but over time, they will become your favorite part of the day. I promise.

2) I can't stress enough how important it is to land a get-well job. Just something low stress and basic that will help you adjust to everyday life again. All too often do we forget the social skills we diminished through years of substance fueled isolation. Also, don't fret too much about the size of your paycheck. Use this time to grow and get accustomed to sobriety. Make sure you learn to manage your money and payback those of your 8th step financial amends. When you feel it's necessary and you can afford it, make sure you reward yourself a little. My thing is shoes. I own way too many pairs of Nike Janoski skate shoes.

3) For $20 a month you can get an all inclusive gym membership with all the amenities. Physical exercise mixed with spiritual development is probably the best thing anyone could do for themselves. If you're freshly sober or new to the gym culture, I'd recommend Planet Fitness. They have a laid back vibe that promotes a healthy body image, while still providing top of the line equipment, They are also the best bang for your buck in town.

By adding these 3 things to your life while taking the route of maintenance, you will not only be bettering yourself daily, while inching closer to the person God intending you to be, but you'll also be getting back into the swing of society and slowly reclaiming your life. Remember, don't let someone tell you how to run your life when you're trying to save it.

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