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Halfway There

As someone in recovery, you may find yourself in a sober living home. Anyone who has lived in one of these establishments knows it's a less than ideal situation. The thing is, life is all about perception. This could also be the ideal place to turn your life around and build a system of support around you that will be there for years to come. At one time in my life, I had to go to a bottom of the barrel recovery home that took damn near anyone. Instead of feeling sorry for myself, I got to work. The rent was cheap so I was able to put aside money and save up for my own place down the road. Learning to live with others also taught me patience, perseverance and acceptance. All traits I carry with me today in a life most would deem admirable. At first I had your run of the mill get well job in a phone room. After a few months, I was selling high end imports and making more money than I knew what to do with. Getting plugged into any of the 12 step based recovery communities is key ere. Not only will you find a solution, you'll also have resources at your fingertips found nowhere else. I am talking about job openings, food banks, friends, guidance, camping trips, community and if you do it right, peace of mind.

This isn't a place you will be living forever. It's meant to be short term, so always keep that in mind. If you can graduate from a sober living home to your own spot, you can pretty much do anything else you put your mind to. I will never forget the day I signed the lease on my 3-story condo and had a beautiful room with a view of a pool and a hot tub all to myself. The sense of accomplishment I felt was incredible. I was also able to cherish what I had earned and gain an appreciation for the dedication it took to obtain such a place. There was also a sense of gratitude that came along with my newfound freedom. One day at a time and easy does it.

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